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Dr James G. Friesen Ph.D.

Dr. James G. Friesen

A licensed psychologist and a licensed minister since 1981, Jim is always forging into new territory. He finds that the list of lessons-to-be-learned always gets longer. Here is his guiding principle: We all should expect that when we dig deeper we will keep on growing for as long as God grants us life. This web site offers you a few options to let Jim share with you what he has been learning.

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Books currently available by the author.
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Installing GOD’S WORD: Helping Your Brain to Heal and Maintain

Installing GOD'S WORD:
(free PDF files)

For Strengthening

Please take a close look at this, and then use it right away. Use it daily for two months to create new brain pathways for stuck feelings. I am full of anticipation because of the wondrous good that this is doing for people, as soon as they begin to use it. I shared Installing God's Word with a friend a few days before he left on a permanent missionary assignment, knowing the anxiety that can bring. He immediately emailed me from his new country, with a thankful heart, writing, "This stuff works." This is an exciting moment for me because it is as yet unknown how powerful Installing God's Word will be. We do not yet know how much short-term and long-term help it may provide. Let me know about your journey as you give it a try. read more...

For Overcoming Anxiety

People without anxiety have no clue how disastrous it can be. Seriously, counselors need to be fully aware about the gravity of anxiety, or they will not be able to help those who suffer with it. Here is the bottom line: A person can only endure high anxiety for a very short time before needing to take some kind of action. People sense very strongly that they need to do something right away when anxiety strikes. Installing God's Word can be a plan of action that has no chance of bad side effects, only good ones. Give it a trial run. read more...

Life Model: Living from the Heart Jesus Gave You (Paperback) by James G. Friesen Ph.D. (Author), E. James Wilder Ph.D. (Author), Anne M. Bierling MA (Author), Rick Koepcke MA (Author), Maribeth Poole MA (Author)

The Life Model:
Living from the
Heart Jesus Gave You

Available in English and Spanish

by James G. Friesen Ph.D., E. James Wilder Ph.D.,
Anne M. Bierling MA, Rick Koepcke MA,
Maribeth Poole MA

This readable book helps people rediscover secrets that can restore lives, families and communities. Working together for 20 years, opening up the Word and opening up about clients' struggles, the Shepherd's House counselors found a few key ideas that became The Life Model. It immediately became a resource, and now, about 10 years later, it is still helping people in many languages.

Readers say that even though the book is not large, it is loaded with answers for every-day questions. "I got extra copies for my family and for my pastor." Helping people with problems in returning to joy, child-rearing, community building and trauma recovery, this book is truly a model about life. It displays the whole life span, and how each day's dilemmas fit into that framework. read more...

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A Far Better Life: Spiritual and Psychological Insights from Jesus' Teaching (Paperback) by James G. Friesen

A Far Better Life: Spiritual and Psychological Insights
from Jesus' Teaching


by James G. Friesen

Until a few years ago I found Jesus' "Sermon on the Mount" interesting, but it lacked convincing clarity. It is widely believed to be the summit of Jesus' teaching, and yet its central idea has remained out of focus. It is usually presented in a piecemeal fashion, like a collection of teachings about various topics. In particular, popular presentations of "The Beatitudes" have seemed to miss something, leaving them unattached from anything else He ever taught. They seemed lofty but mysterious, until I read Dr. Willard's chapter about them in The Divine Conspiracy. Since then, the whole sermon has leaped to life for me, inspiring this book.

Jesus organized this sermon so the listener will remember three guidelines - His directions for living a better life. The thesis of this book is that "The Sermon on the Mount" not only applies directly to counseling, but also that this translation of it is the core of Jesus' teaching. Please take a closer look. read more...

"The Sermon on the Mount:
A Reader-Friendly Version"

PLUNDERING THE TREASURE TROVE: "Installing Gems from Jesus" A Life Group Discussion Guide for
"The Sermon on the Mount"
as translated in A Far Better Life.

Click Here for an outline
of "The Sermon on the Mount"

Click Here for "How this sermon's outline bridges to Christian Counseling"

Uncovering the Mystery of MPD (Paperback) by James G. Friesen

Uncovering the Mystery of MPD (Paperback)

by James G. Friesen

Click here for "A Model for Treating Dissociative Disorders"

When I first learned that I was treating two people with Multiple Personality Disorder, not only was I completely unprepared to help them, but I found no books for their spiritual and psychological recovery. Nor did I find other Christian therapists who knew about helping them. That is why I sought to learn about this condition, and it is why I wrote this book. Counselors and clients need some clear, yet comprehensive training. They need treatment that will not only concentrate on feeling better, but on getting better, even if it leads through difficult feelings. Healing and wholeness are worth pursuing. read more...

Now, some 20 years down the road, it stuns me that even though scientists and clinicians have learned so much about it, Multiple Personality Disorder, now called Dissociative Identity Disorder, is still very frequently misdiagnosed. I have prepared an up-date on a study from this book to help with diagnosis. Here is how to learn if MPD/DID is present, so that the right approach to treatment can begin.
Click here for "Diagnostic Indicators for MPD/DID"

The third chapter of Uncovering the Mystery of MPD documents Satanic Ritual Abuse. A warning there states that you may become upset when you read this material, so be ready to seek help. Here is a direct way discover if SRA is suggested for any particular person: Satanic Ritual Abuse Indicators.
Click here for "Diagnostic Indicators for SRA"

More Than Survivors (Paperback) by James G. Friesen

More Than Survivors:
Conversations with
Multiple Personality Clients


by Dr James G. Friesen

Even though the first book about treatment for Multiple Personality Disorder was released about 30 years ago, and even though a few popular movies with MPD as the topic have appeared, widespread understanding has practically stood still. Cute "MPD commercials", sarcastic comics and demeaning colloquialisms have kept the general public pretty uncomfortable about MPD. This book's idea is simple: Let's put all of that fuzziness behind us. Reading these chapters will introduce you to eight people with MPD, up-close and personal. It needs to be known that these are splendid people. You will find that is the case. read more...

Alpha-Stim Stress Control System

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Alpha-Stim® Stress Control System

New and up-graded. Since January, 2013, Alpha-Stim is featuring new medical equipment. The AID unit (Anxiety, Insomnia and Depression) has replaced the SCS unit (Stress Control System). The price is higher but the technology is improved, it is more user-friendly and it is manufactured in the United States. Patients in my office like it better, and tell me so. Let me know if you are interested in purchasing the new unit. (818) 893-4463.

The Alpha-Stim® Stress Control System is a device that Jim has been recommending to his clients since 2005. It helps the user fight against anxiety and processes feelings every time it is used, in the counseling office and away. Please click on the picture and you will be able to read Jim's question-and-answer article. Print the article out and share it with your friends. Most people will appreciate it In this stress-ridden world. read more...

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